The day care places through citizenship alive.

The courtyards are created to become creative sites, within which establish relations practices, care and attention, to return to the memory of a light non-ordinary places, able to enhance the architecture of spaces, forms and their possible use through the participation of artists and those who normally inhabit them.

Setting up and inhabiting spaces you try to create links between the soul and the people and places to turn that sense of care and protection that every citizen should feel for his city, his neighborhood, his apartment building, his house , its courtyard.

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Team: Azzurro Solfato, Archintorno and the residents of Tarsia-Montesanto, Napoli.

Site:Napoli, Tarsia-Montesanto

Years of realization: 2011-2013

Activity: dance theater performance

Director: Paola Carbone

Photo: Martin Errichiello, Angela Guastaferro