Cutting out some spaces to make them fit.
The Croperty project involves the analysis of the many spaces used (often not properly) for socializing and creativity within the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Naples Federico II. This analysis, which integrates the needs of students, personnel and teachers, intends to open dialogue with academic institutions in order to propose and build projects aiming to improve university life.

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Croperty is currently:
• gathering meaningful social indicators to gauge the level of social and creative use in the university;
• studying the spaces within the Faculty of Architecture to find out where were the common meeting areas and to find out if there are abandoned areas that could be recuperated;
• proposing interviews to students, personnel and teachers that will investigate their way of occupying the spaces of the university;
• assessing and identifying features in faculty spaces that are used for socializing and creative activities;
• gathering testimony to specific social and creative activities that occurred in the university from 1968 to 2008.

Croperty is a proposal by Archintorno, Embater/Arteteca Network and Restart, supported by Architect Federica Palestino (UNINA).