The Forest of Love

Archintorno hosted Company Azzurro Solfato in a performance of “Beyond the Courtyard • Forest of Love: The physical path to regain emotional roots.”

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Team: Archintorno, Azzurro Solfato
Site: Chiesa di San Giuseppe delle Scalze
Year: 2013
Activity: dance theatre performance

Archintorno hosted Company Azzurro Solfato in the Nave of the Le Scalze and collaborated in the creation of a evening performance that transformed the church into a forest. Archintorno organized and photographed the event.

The arboretum, say the dictionaries, is a collection of trees that are observed … But I do not have all of these claims, my interest is almost exclusively aesthetic and sentimental, with regard to the plant–animal relationship.”
Mario Rigoni Stern, Arboretum Salvatico