Mercato Meraviglia

Archintorno founded the Mercado Meraviglia Independent Design Fair and oversees the ongoing promotion and coordination of the event.

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Site: San Giuseppe delle Scalze a Pontecorvo, Montesanto, Napoli
Function: art and craft exhibit and sales
Use: public and commercial
Type: special event


A meeting-place dedicated to self-produced design
A place for designers to exhibit and sell their work and interact directly with the public
A promotional venue for handmade products, creativity and emerging contemporary craft
A quest for unique, original and high quality design, far from industrial and mass production
An opportunity to exchange views, ideas and passions
A special occasion that promotes the Naples district of Montesanto as a place for alternative culture and art
An opportunity to visit the Church of the Nuns of St. Joseph, a jewel of the Neapolitan Baroque style
A convivial place enhanced by children’s workshops, shows and live music

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