Experimental Centre in Oaxaca

Archintorno worked with 26 students on the Microregional Centre of Technology Innovation in the Central Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico. The building included an Experimental Centre where low-tech and low-cost innovative technologies could be improved to benefit an increase in the local economy.

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Site: Pensamiento Liberal Mexicano, Valle Central. Oaxaca MEX
Function: Experimental centre, assembly room, wormcompost area, internet access, kitchen.
Client: Rio Pluma Coop.
Use: semi-public
Year of Construction: 2012
Fabrication: on site, new contruction
Materials: rammed earth, wood, stones, tejamanil* traditional wood shingle
Students participating in the construcion: 26
Local labor involved: 1 carpenter, 1 bricklayer, tequio*
Local partner: C.A.M.P.O. NGO, Oaxaca, Mexico

*Each family offers free work to its community each year, in turn participating directly in community development and strengthening.
*formed by members of the village with the aim to improve low-tech and low-cost innovative technologies to increase local economy.